What to Do When it Snows During Spring Break

God forbid it ever snows during your spring break.

This past March, my friends and I took a road trip to Arizona expecting the sun, the warmth, and the good ol’ Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, on one of the days, we were transported to the set of Narnia. I tried to escape the freezing temperatures of Chicago where I live 66 percent of the year and where the temperature is negative 88 percent of the time, but alas, the fates had other plans.

I made Keishel and Peter wake up early to go watch the sunrise* on our last day in Grand Canyon. We had missed the sunrise the first two days we were there (because we don’t like waking up early) and the sunsets too (because the weather decided it was PMSing and rained like a b*tch throughout). The clouds were overcast when we stepped outside of our cabin, but we were going to push forth! (I insisted.)

*I’m a great friend, I know.

The weather didn’t get any better.

It started to snow. The clouds turned gray and the trees turned white. We drove to this one supposedly really scenic lookout—Yavapai Point—but when we stepped onto the viewpoint, it was basically a canvas of fog. We couldn’t see anything (was it really scenic? I’ll never know).

Peter, who can never stay put, started to wander and see what else was around the area while I took the opportunity to take some photos. Keishel was down to do the same (bless you, K). After that, we just drove around and tried to find some people to talk to–there weren’t many–then grabbed some food and hot coffee (mmmm).

 I admit, seeing snow in Grand Canyon was kind of mesmerizing.

I mean, when you Google photos of the Grand Canyon, when do the results ever show the park blanketed with snow? I think I was kind of lucky. (A little annoyed we missed the sunrise, but whatever.) 

So, if it ever snows during your spring break, here are some things you can do:

1. Take photos. Pretend like you’re the White Witch of Narnia and own the damn land. The photos will make for good (or bad) #memories, but killer Instas for sure (why else would you go anywhere for spring break?). I, at least, was prepared clothing-wise, but if all you have is a bikini and bathing suit… I don’t condone it, but good Insta material for sure.
2. Get a hot drink. Chances are your insides will be cold because you will be ill-prepared for winter weather. A hot chocolate/coffee/tea/[insert beverage of choice] will do you wonders.
3. Stay inside. It’s OK if you fear the cold. (I will push anyone who tries to make a joke about Frozen down the canyon). 

What would you do if it snowed during spring break?

Photo Credits: Dominique and Keishel. For more photos, follow my travels on Instagram @readysetkgo



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  1. Zhanna
    August 12, 2017

    Snowing or not snowing, your pictures turned out great. It seems like you planned to get to Great Canyon exactly for the time of snow. I hope you got your killer Instagram photos. One thing I can tell you for sure you experience helped you write a killer blog post.
    Zhanna recently posted…A Visit to Mir Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Site in BelarusMy Profile


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