Empire State of Mind


On the second day in New York, we woke up at 9 AM to meet our NY friend Becky in East Village for breakfast. We went to a rusty, urban place called Mudspot Cafe, which was surprisingly busy and colorful. The Cafe had brick walls decorated with fairy lights and bold abstract paintings, and with the wooden decor it had a very down-to-earth vibe. The initial entryway was narrow, but it led to an open space at the back with a lot of natural light.

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A New York Escapade


Over spring break, I went to New York with my high school friends. It was a hectic, exhausting, whirlwind of five days, but it was also glorious, fulfilling, and liberating.

I took an 8 AM flight the Saturday after my last final so that when I arrived, I would still have the whole day ahead of me. It took around two hours to get from LaGuardia Airport to my hotel near Times Square because of some road construction, but it was a good chance to see the New York skyline live up to its name as the concrete jungle.

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