Buley Rockhole: Sit Still, Look Pretty


The Buley Rockhole is a set of small waterfalls and rockholes, located in Litchfield National Park in Darwin, Australia. Compared to Wangi and Florence Falls, it is a much more laid-back dip-our-toes-into-the-water kind of experience.

Towards the bottom of the river of water there is a big basin to swim in, similar to Florence Falls. During our trip there with Litchfield Escapes, my family and I headed towards the top of the water formation, where there were rock formations aplenty to perch ourselves on.

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The Twin Cascades of Florence Falls


Florence Falls was the second waterfall of our tour with Litchfield Escapes (the first being Wangi Falls).

When we arrived, the tour guide gave instructions on how to get to the waterfall but my sister and I didn’t hear what he said because we were too preoccupied with – surprise – taking pictures. We couldn’t find our parents after, so we wandered a bit before passing another guide who pointed us towards the Shady Creek Walk, which he said would lead us to the waterfall.

The Shady Creek Walk turned out to be a 1.1 km hike that required us to walk over bridges and across streams and into forestry before we finally reached the falls. The farther and farther we walked, the more panicked my sister got. She started speeding up into a jog towards the end, while I slowed down my pace, learning to appreciate the sights and sounds around us.

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Wangi Falls is Just as Majestic As You’d Expect It To Be


This summer, my family and I visited Darwin, Australia. One of the hallmarks of our trip was our visit to Litchfield National Park, a two-hour drive away from Darwin. It’s known most for its natural attractions Wangi Falls, Florence Falls, and Buley Rockhole, all of which visitors can swim in. The afternoon we were on the Litchfield Escapes tour, we planned on hitting up all three.

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