What to Do When it Snows During Spring Break

God forbid it ever snows during your spring break.

This past March, my friends and I took a road trip to Arizona expecting the sun, the warmth, and the good ol’ Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, on one of the days, we were transported to the set of Narnia. I tried to escape the freezing temperatures of Chicago where I live 66 percent of the year and where the temperature is negative 88 percent of the time, but alas, the fates had other plans.

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Why Arizona is a Desert Dream

Over spring break, I took a road trip with my friends across Arizona. I touched down Phoenix just a few hours before sunset. After grabbing a burger and fries from Wendy’s, I of course ran across walkalator after walkalator to catch an unobscured view of the tinted sky. 

A guy saw me snapping with my DSLR and whipped out his camera phone. “I should take some photos too,” he said. Within 30 minutes, the sky had changed hues from a baby blue to a bright orange to soft pink. Just before it dipped into the horizon, the sun set the clouds ablaze in a fiery red.

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I Skipped Class to Go to Dubai

I skipped class to go to Dubai.

If you had asked me to do something like this last year, I would’ve looked at you like you were batsh*t insane and said “no.” School and work are important to me. I don’t usually skip lectures. I submit all my assignments on time. I don’t know if it’s a need to do well or the lack of closure I’d feel if I missed anything, but the habitual nature is there.

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